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Less than 24 hours ago, we'd raised $6,833 through our 2019 fundraising page.

Now, that figure has nearly doubled to $12,091 - and most of that came from just one person!

I'd like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Richard Joynes for supporting our ongoing fight against the global human trafficking crisis.

Together with Heather Chrystie, Jocelyn Kotary, Susan Randall, Raymond Wong, Malina Workman, and our major anonymous contributor, Richard is one of the true heroes of this campaign and has made a huge difference in helping us continue our work.

I'd also like to thank our other contributors from the past 72 hours - Eugene Atwood, Jude & Ted Cooper, Helena Eichler, Nicola Ferracin, Stefan Gassner, Cat Gorman, Nancy Greene, Naomi Hatton, Muriel Janke, Walter Lautenbach, Bernat Puig, Andrew Saxe, Rebel Slater, and Alicia Starr!

If you understand the true importance of our work and want to make a real difference in the world, time is running out at ... THANK YOU!!

  • Ben
December 8, 2020


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Defend Truth
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