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Amber X: Week 3 Update + Expandable Storage

Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud

Hello everyone. . .(and welcome to our hundreds of new Amber X backers)!!!

The momentum for Amber X has kept moving forward into our 3rd week on Indiegogo! We now have over 885 backers from over 40 Countries and just shy of $140K in funding! THANK YOU!

In our last update, we shared how easy it is to use Amber X to Bring Your Data Home™ from Google Drive, click here if you missed it.

This week, Tech Reviewer extraordinaire, DBTech, will jingle your bells with how easy it is to:

1.) Expand Your Storage with External Hard Drives + Using a USB Hub

2.) An Overview of How Our Automatic Indexing + AI works (dashboard preview)

3.) How Easy it is to Access Your Added Storage on Amber X

For all our new backers (and those who may have missed it previously), we've launched a pretty sweet referral campaign. We offering 15% cashback on purchases made with your referral link and a chance to be rewarded with FREE product. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Click Here to Register for a unique Kickbooster Link

  2. Share your unique link with Friends, Family, and Colleagues across your Social Media Platforms. There is NO limit to the $ you can make!

  3. The TOP 5 referrers will get 1TB of Cold Cloud Storage Backup on AmberCloud Extended FREE for 1-Year, once we launch our service in 2021. Minimum 10 purchases required, through your referral code, in order to qualify.

Offer ends Dec. 11, 2020. Winners will be announced in late January 2021.

Until the next update, Store Safe!

-Team Amber

December 8, 2020


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