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Unsubscribe or Update email Notification Settings

Campoal hates inbox clutter as much as you do. You can easily choose when you get an email from us by visiting Unsubscribe after logging into your account. You can also manage your email settings, or unsubscribe, from the links at the bottom of the latest received email. Please see the below screenshot:

User-added image

If you click the “Unsubscribe” link or click “See privacy settings” button in your account settings, you will be redirected to the Privacy and data protection page where you can update your email preferences:

User-added image

To unsubscribe from a specific mailing list, un-check the box of each type email you would like to be removed from and click “Save”
To unsubscribe from all emails, check the box for the option “I don’t want to receive any emails”, making sure no other box is checked, and click “Save”
Please note that unsubscribing from Campoal emails will not impact Transactional emails, which include ‘Petition Signature’, ‘Petition Creation’, ‘Monthly Subscription’ and ‘Petition Promotion’ confirmation emails. Also, all changes to email preferences can take up to 48 hours to take effect. We send Transactional email notifications to confirm when these actions have been taken on our site.

If you have updated your email preference settings to unsubscribe from all emails, and are continuing to receive non-Transactional emails, please double check the email address in the received message’s ‘To’ field to make sure you don’t have multiple Campoal accounts.

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